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Build a Strong BRAND, Knowing your guidelines!!!

 Chapter 475, Part 1, Florida Statutes and Chapter 61J2, Florida Administrative Code.

Sales & Marketing 

Marketing Fundamentals 

Spanish Video – 21min 29sec
English Video – 19min 12sec

Mastering Geo Farming 

Spanish Video – 52min 49sec
English Video – 45min 26sec

Convert Prospects into Clients

Spanish Video – 22min 17sec
English Video – 19min 12sec

Dominate Your Social Media

The Facebook Strategy

Spanish Video – 11min 51sec
English Video – 10min 17sec

The YouTube Strategy

Spanish Video – 16min 01sec
English Video – 15min 58sec

The TikTok Strategy

Spanish Video – 10min 15sec

The Instagram Strategy ( Coming Soon) 

Advanced Mentors And Team Builders Training  

Mentors/Team Builders Training
(English) by Invitation

Module 1 – 13min 27sec
Module 2 – 11min 39sec
Module 3 – 14min 45sec
Module 4 – 19min 43sec
Module 5 – 06min 33sec

Mentors/Team Builders Training
(Spanish) by Invitation

Modulo 1 – 14min 55sec
Modulo 2 – 13min 06sec
Modulo 3 – 16min 47sec
Modulo 4 – 23min 38sec
Modulo 5 – 07min 41sec

Tu Pod Cast On POInt 

What to Expect In 2024

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